Learn Spanish


  1. Before you take your flight to Buenos Aires, we offer up to 6 hours of Skype lessons (2 hours per week) for beginners. This is so that everyone has the basics when they arrive. Dates and times are flexible and will be arranged with your assigned teacher. [$15/hour].
  2. When you are in Buenos Aires, you will have the opportunity to stay an extra hour after the Teaching English Course to take Spanish classes. When we say “classes” we mean chilling together with a cup of coffee and speaking Spanish. This will add up to 12 hours of Spanish class in a month. [$200].


At the end of the course we offer a three-day getaway to Viejo Pangaré (an hour and a half from Buenos Aires) to practice Spanish with your classmates. We will enjoy typical Argentinian dishes, and talk about the history and culture of Argentina. Food, lodging and travel costs are all included, and the total will be announced in October 2018.