Our Mission

%RWK3KM3S7+pLU645abEjAOur mission is to give native English speakers all of the tools to move to Buenos Aires and teach English.

We believe that going abroad to learn a new language is key to setting up young adults for success. However we understand that moving can be daunting and expensive, so we created this program to help you take the leap without breaking the bank.

We wanted a course that would be less expensive than existing options, and better fitted to the needs of a teacher in Argentina specifically. As such, we brought together the structure of the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), and the expertise of Argentinian English teachers, to create a more well-rounded teaching curriculum.

IMG_0311Teaching is a rewarding and practical way for you to have an income while living abroad for a short period of time. It just so happens that if you teach English, you will become more aware of your own language structure and have an easier time learning a new one (click here for more unexpected benefits of learning a new language).