Frequently Asked

How long should I stay?

I lived in Buenos Aires for 6 months, only because I needed to save up at home beforehand. Both of my roommates stayed in the city for a year and loved it. You need to stay at least 6 months if you want to find a job as a teacher, but you don’t need to stay a year.

How much should I expect to make? 

Teachers typically makes 250 to 300 pesos an hour, and work 15 hours a week. When moving to Argentina we recommend you bring anywhere between USD2,000 and USD3.000 with you. This should be enough for you to be comfortable until your first pay check, and still have some money saved up to travel. Cash is king in Argentina, so try to bring as many bills as possible into the country. Check out what I mean by reading about the Blue Market.

Is Buenos Aires safe?

Yes! It’s like Paris or New York- you have to be smart and vigilant, but it’s not a dangerous city. You just have to be careful with your bag, and not walk around alone at night in the wrong neighborhoods. I’ve personally never felt unsafe.

Do I need a visa ?

When you enter Argentina you will automatically get a 90 day tourist visa, and this is all you need to teach. At the end of those 3 months you can go to the immigration office and get a one-time 90-day extension for a modest fee. A more pleasurable option is to hop over to Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay for a day, and get a new stamp for another 90-day visa.

Since the end of 2009, Argentina charges a ‘reciprocity’ fee for this 90-day entrance stamp for Canadian and Australian citizens (US-$160 and US$72  respectively, with Canadians given just a single entry). This cost is retributive — it’s the same charged to Argentines for a visa to those countries.

As of December 2012 the reciprocity fee can no longer be paid at the airport, but must be paid in advance of arrival online with a credit card through this link. Failure to pay the fee can result in not being allowed to board your plane to Argentina or being returned on the first flight back.

Those from the US, EU, New Zealand or South Africa are not required to pay the entrance fee. Those from other countries can check on the immigrations website to see if you need a visa.